• Sudabeh Mohafez: Burning Sudabeh Mohafez: Burning

    The world premiere of the stage adaptation of a novel by contemporary German writer of Iranian origin. Mané is a successful music producer, whose apartment goes up in flames. She survives only by miracle. Her mental state, however, is deteriorating even months after the fire. Who is Pia, the ever present voice who confronts her with exhausting conversations? Who is Hjartan, who supposedly wants to take revenge on Mané? And who actually set her apartment on fire? As the details of her past come to light, we come to discover a different Mané; not the independent and respected woman she seems to be , but a desperate and immensely lonely one. This psychological thriller with a mystery twist provides a story of a woman who, once not so long ago, believed that music is everything. Director: Natálie Deáková.

    Sudabeh Mohafez: Burning
    November 29 2016
    MeetFactory: www.meetfactory.cz
    With English subtitles
    200 CZK

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