St. Prokop Kindergarten

The Center for parents and children “Na houpacím koni” (Rocking horse) has a wide range of activities to offer, starting with the St. Prokop Kindergarten, and continuing on to courses and classes for mothers with children, courses for children and adults, and up to an e-shop with beautiful wooden toys, produced by Ostheimer and Grimm's companies. St. Prokop Kindergarten combines elements of a Waldorf-style kindergarten, a home preschool and an environmentally friendly education. Your children will be in the best hands of teachers with years of experience and you can be sure that they will be surrounded by a family atmosphere, always in harmony with nature. The toys onhand for children to play with are made mostly from natural materials, they are handmade, knitted or carved. In one class there are about 17 children, so that each child is given all the necessary care and attention. The kindergarten is open from 7:00am till 2:00pm and, if necessary, until 20:00 to accommodate working parents. All the meals served are healthy and homemade, prepared by an experienced older lady, and children are allowed to participate in the food preparation and serving, giving them a feeling of being home with Auntie. Your children will certainly feel at home at the kindergarten, which is situated in a beautiful house and is located close to Prokopské údolí, where they can spend a lot of time in nature and fully develop their creativity and imagination.

Noveská 20, Praha 5 - Jinonice. Tereza Havrdová Kováříková: +420 777 139 123,

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Address: Novoveská ulice 20, Praha

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