Prague Holiday Rentals

The city of Prague was virtually untouched during the devastating first and second world wars making it one of the only European cities that still features a complete old town. The Old Town section of Prague features a myriad of architectural styles including Romanesque rotundas, Renaissance palaces and more while the New Town area boasts a striking array of pastel Art Nouveau structures alongside unique Cubist houses and sleek Functionalist gems. The architecture of Prague is a major tourism draw for the city and many guests find themselves returning time and time again to savor the complexity of Prague’s architecture and of course, the city’s charming central European culture of classical music, beer and much more. If you are planning a holiday in the lovely city of Prague you will need top accommodation to make your stay unforgettable. Have a look at our Prague holiday rentals featured in the comprehensive list below. All of our Prague holiday rentals are centrally located with the majority of them being situated in beautifully renovated historic houses. All of our holiday rentals in Prague are fully furnished and offer an abundance of Old World charm.

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