Cave Canem Studio

If you are looking for original, beautiful glass products in Prague do not miss the beautiful creations from the Cave Canem Studio. The studio of Cave Canem hand produces vases, bowls, glasses, and accessories such as charming glass badges, as well as paintings. All of the design items are made in small numbers to protect the integrity of the craftsmanship and originality. The studio focuses on color as an important element in their designs, evident in each lovingly made piece. The studio also focuses on using traditional methods in their glassworks, which can be seen in the quality of detail in each piece. The vases, bowls, glasses, and fashion pins or badges made by Cave Canem feature whimsical design patterns that seem to be inspired by nature and animals as flora and fauna are quite often represented. Even though the studio focuses mainly on small scale, handmade production, execution of large-scale projects for public or private spaces that include paintings or glass products are not out of the question. The Cave Canem Studio is the brainchild of Petra Kucerova and Jiri Kucera, a creative duo with a background in the arts; Petra Kucerova studied Glassmaking at the High School of Applied Arts in Zelezny Brod, and Jiri Kucera studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. If you wish to see their unique glass creations that will surely intrigue and inspire you, you can find them at the Kubista Prague boutique and the Futurista design boutique. If you wish to contact the designers directly, please see the contact information below., + 420 736 148 217, 

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