Josefina Bakošová

Situated in the heart of Prague, just a few steps from Wenceslas Square, is the Harddecore gallery & store, a popular design and cultural hub where you will find exciting fashion collections by Josefina Bakošová. Are you interested in Czech design & fashion? If so, there is a strong probability that you have already heard of the name of this fabulous designer, whether in connection with the above-mentioned Harddecore gallery, the nostalgic shoulder bags by Pepieta, or the Chi-Chi fashion brand. It was the Chi-Chi project that brought Josefina Bakošová into the world of fashion for good in 2007, when she started to create her first collections of designer clothing. Seven years later, in 2014, she started to operate under her own, eponymous brand. Unique collections by Josefina Bakošová present designer clothing for women that is elegant, casual and comfortable – all at the same time. When designing the limited collections, Josefina Bakošová puts emphasis on the combination of high-quality materials and simple, yet unconventional cuts, thanks to which individual pieces by Josefina Bakošová are variable and open to many different ways of styling. Simple shirts act as the main element in her collections – a piece of clothing that surely has a place in every wardrobe. Inspired by and based on the shirts are dresses, another irreplaceable part of Josefina's work. All of the dresses by Josefina Bakošová create a relaxed impression and, at the same time, underline the curves of the female body. Moreover, the collections include also comfortable coats in the iconic style of the author. Each year Josefina Bakošová designs and produces two collections and the latest ones are all about subtle fine patterns and subtle color shades. Josefina Bakošová graduated from graphic design and scenography and has experience with illustration and film and theatre costumes. Thanks to that she has a broader perspective in fashion and is not limited by following the latest trends - on the contrary, she designs timeless and distinctive fashion. Drop by the Harddecore gallery personally or visit the online store and treat yourself to a fine, casual piece of attractive designer clothing.

Senovážné Náměstí 10, Praha 1, +420 777 094 421,

Address: Senovážné náměstí 10, Praha 1

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