The Czech Katarze brand presents a unique and very original clothing line designed especially for home wear. Its authors, fashion designers Lucie Masnerová and Lucie Mokrá, specialize in home loungewear, a field that is mostly neglected by fashion designers. Besides clothing, shoes and accessories for home wear they also design original underwear. Katarze's collection consists of housecoats, blouses, undershirts, panties, as well as dresses, overalls and Ali Baba pants. Although Katarze concentrates on home wear for women, even men can choose from its collection. The authors themselves characterize their fashion with words such as comfort, intimacy, minimalism, as well as play, and ingenuity. All that is hidden in their original designs that reflect who we really are when we are alone at home. Katarze operates an electronic shop and a showroom in Prague 10, where you can purchase its products. Its latest collection called Sním tě i o tobě was presented at the designSUPERMARKET 2011 at Palác Archa.

Oblouková 15, Praha 10, +420 777 177307, +420 721 838 494, www.katarze.net

Address: Oblouková 15, Praha 10

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