Report's store in Prague's city center offers fashion for men by luxury Italian brands. It was opened as one of the first shops offering fashion for men in Prague. Men who take good care of their appearance and expect more from clothing will enjoy Report's offer. Report's customers are successful men who know what they want, not only in their personal and professional life but also in fashion. At the store you will find luxury fashion, shoes and leisure collections by several Italian brands that often specialize in one product, such as Canali, Jeycoleman, and Santoni. If you like golf, Report's mens clothing includes an exciting line of golf clothes that you can wear to play this increasingly-popular sport. All of the Italian brands that Report's offers represent premium quality. The Canali brand is now being run by its third generation of owners and all its products are made exclusively in Italy from high-quality Italian materials. Founded in 1985, JCM Jeycoleman is now known all over the world for its collections made from high-quality innovative materials, as well as its everlasting fashion classics. Santoni represents the best in traditional Italian shoe production and offers luxuriously handcrafted shoes. The selection of only the best materials and handiwork make each creation an excellent product. If you have a weakness for modern elegance and Italian design have a look at what Report's has to offer.

Žatecká, 55, Praha 1, +420 224 813 948,

Address: Žatecká, 55, Praha 1

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