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If you are planning on redoing your home or simply starting with a new space and are in need of the highest quality furniture, wooden parquet flooring, paneling, doors and more, look no further than Bohemian Works! The company produces custom-made furniture, flooring, paneling, doors, etc. to fit any room in your home, be it a library, kitchen, bedroom or living room. The gorgeous wooden furniture will last a lifetime and will most definitely be the talk of your houseguests and friends as it is both unique and classic. The same can be said for the award-winning parquet flooring produced by Bohemian Works. The flooring is available in an array of different patterns that present an elegant and upmost sophisticated solution for flooring in your home. If you wish to have your floors resemble that of the flooring in old stately chateaux in Europe, you have come to the right place. Bohemian Works uses first class Moravian Oak for all of their products that is mechanically matured, a treatment which makes the floors appear to be antique. All of the wood used for parquet flooring is 2 cm thick. If you are looking for gorgeous flooring, wood paneling and furniture, Bohemian Works is a top choice as the company’s reputation rests on their ability to pay meticulous attention to the smallest detail and the highest quality. The production facility for their gorgeous wooden products is in Pilsen, an area known for its reputable carpenters. Furthermore Bohemian Works cooperates with renowned designers throughout Europe including Tina Mavriki, Olgoj Chorchoj, Osiris Hertman, Rupert & Rupert and DADA Home, creating made to order furniture pieces and floors that you will cherish for many years to come.

Pankrác 1221, Nýřany, +420 377 932 477, Václavské náměstí 66, Praha 1,

Address: Pankrác 1221, Nýřany | Václavské náměstí 66, Praha 1

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