Ristorante Pagana

One of the things that might strike you about Prague is how popular Italian food is; there is quite literally, a pizzeria on almost every corner. Unfortunately, the quality is often quite poor and in nine out of ten cases the food offered should really be called Czech-Italian instead of traditional Italian. It is therefore always a pleasant surprise to discover a true original in a deep sea of bad replicas, a real Italian restaurant among so many Italian wannabes. Ristorante Pagana is a family restaurant in which you can experience the atmosphere, hospitality and cuisine of southern Italy even though it is located only minutes from Wenceslas Square. The Pagana family, owners of this restaurant have brought along traditional Italian recipes (quite possibly from the kitchen of their Grandmother) and are eager to break myths surrounding Italian cuisine. Experiencing the delicate technique of the Chef preparing the seemingly simple spaghetti with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese will provide conclusive evidence that the putative simplicity of Italian cuisine is nothing but a myth. Ristorante Pagana should therefore be recommended to all those who think they know what Italian cuisine includes and have perhaps made their final judgment about it. Your dining experience in the elegant interior of Pagana can be accompanied by a bottle of top Italian wine. Enjoy the warm atmosphere and hospitality at what is quite possibly the most Italian restaurant north of Milan. We recommend asking Miss Romina Pagana for some of the specialties, which are not included on the menu; let their deliciousness seduce you.

Vladislavova 17, Praha 1, +420 224 056 300 ; +420 224 056 300, www.pagana.cz

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Address: [50.08062;14.42025]

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