Malý Vinograf

The whimsical Malý Vinograf wine bar is located in picturesque Malá Strana in Prague. It presents an excellent opportunity for stopping to enjoy a glass of wine after a pleasant walk over the Charles Bridge or to meet up with friends. Cozy Malý Vinograf is one of the most popular wine bars in Prague not only among locals, but also among tourists who prefer its intimate ambience without hordes of other tourists. The majority of the wines available to taste at Malý Vinograf come from small Bohemian and Moravian wine makers and belong among the best of Czech wines. Malý Vinograf's knowledgeable staff will give you all kinds of information about the wine you have selected and if you are in doubt about which wine to choose from the more than 100 wines on the list, staff members will be happy to help you. Before it is placed on the wine list every wine goes through an internal tasting and each staff member has to learn to know it thoroughly, so that they are able to give professional advice to customers. Malý Vinograf holds blind and comparative wine tastings, wine growers' presentations, educational seminars and more. If you want to be up to date on what is going on at Malý Vinograf, you should follow its blog – there you will find many articles as well as photos and videos about wine, winemakers, and food. If you like wine bars with an intimate atmosphere and a simply-furnished interior, follow our recommendation and set off for Malý Vinograf for a glass, or two or three of excellent wine, or if you happen to be in New Town, visit Velký Vinograf. If you do not have enough time to sit here for a while, buy some delicious Bohemian or Moravian wine to drink later in the comfort of your own home. 

Míšeňská 8, Praha 1, +420 604 705 730, 

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Address:  Míšeňská 8, Praha 1

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