Sharon Hindle Design

Prague-based Sharon Hindle is a specialist in transforming homes, boutique hotels, show units – any space in fact – that has the owners exclaiming “Wow! This is exactly what we wanted. This highly experienced interior designer has the gift of sizing up the potential of every space, and is adamant that style and good taste is not determined by cost. Whether renovating an apartment, decorating a boutique hotel or tackling the show unit of a new development, Sharon is able to maximise the magic within a set budget. All Sharon needs is a brief of what is required, coupled with the resources available, the time frame for the project and access to the space. Sharon’s natural empathy with her clients means that she is able to convert a client’s concept into reality, reflecting the client’s personality, lifestyle and status. Almost instinctively altering the mundane into the exotic, fusing colours and styles that recharge the energy levels of the space, Sharon has the happy knack of providing exactly what is required. Sharon Hindle is an UK-qualified interior design consultant - and “House Doctor” -trained home-stager. Whatever project she undertakes, her creative flair adds an exciting and sustainable freshness that will long endure.


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