Brixton Balls

If you are in the mood for delicious, homemade meatballs, there is only one place for you – Brixton Balls. Brixton Balls, located in the popular residential area of Vinohrady, serves up the best meatballs in Prague. They work closely with the best suppliers of beef (Fiala) and use carefully chosen ingredients, all in order to create and deliver delectable food that is excellent value for money, served up consistently, cleanly and quickly. The meatballs are served in a variety of ways – plain balls (3 balls in a serving), balls in a pita (served w/ chickpea tabbouleh & tzatziki), balls in a bowl (3 balls w/ sauce over basmati rice), balls & pasta (3 balls served w/ sauce over fusilli), soup of the week, and build your own dish (choose your balls, sauce, and sides). The balls are served with homemade sauces and homemade fresh fries that are crispy and fresh. You can choose from beef balls, beef & bacon balls, spicy beef, beef & cheddar, and even veggie balls. The top quality balls are made with beef sourced locally, and are all rolled onsite. The food at Brixton Balls is food that everyone wants to eat – homemade, delicious, and made with love. Visit Brixton Balls today for amazing meatballs. 

Korunní 783/23, Praha 2, +420 776 602 306,  

Address: Korunní 783/23, Praha 2

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