Café Lounge Marrakesh

Visit the far-away golden land of Morocco without ever having to leave Prague at Café Lounge Marrakesh, a popular restaurant and hookah lounge in the pretty neighborhood of Vinohrady. Step into Café Lounge Marrakesh and feel yourself being instantly transported to an exotic land – the interior boasts authentic decorative arts handmade in Morocco including carved wooden furniture, carpets and kelims (including the ever-interesting Wedding Blankets/carpets made with sewn-in sequins for some extra shine), a variety of intricate-looking hookahs, leather stools, and of course lit up metal lanterns that make the atmosphere oh so romantic. The authentic feel of leaving Prague and stepping straight into Marrakesh is made all the more real by the traditional Moroccan music floating through the air from a stereo system and the wonderful smells wafting from the kitchen. The menu is small but features all the classic Moroccan dishes you know and love (Couscous, meat Tajines, Moroccan sweets, etc.); food is prepared by order so be prepared to wait. The tea menu is extensive and includes, of course, the ubiquitous Moroccan mint tea. Should you wish to partake in smoking a hookah or Shisha, the establishment offers a variety of high quality flavored tobacco. Café Lounge Marrakesh offers entertainment in the form of exotic belly dancers that weave their magic movements into the minds of patrons regularly there; also small gifts and souvenirs are available to purchase should you wish to spice up your Prague home. Visit Café Lounge Marrakesh today and experience the wonderful land of Morocco and the fabled city of Marrakesh.

Budečská 1005/12 Praha 2, +420 734 373 425, +420 734 101 876, 

Address: BUDEČSKÁ 1005/12 PRAHA 2

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