Spicy Mama

A unique concept led by a passionate elite chef who is, together with a team of talented cooks creating unconventional, super tasty Asian specialties, was established in the Černý Most shopping center. Spicy Mama, a fast food bistro with a casual concept, will charm you with the quick preparation and serving time of the meals, which are made of quality raw materials and full of new, undiscovered flavors. The Spicy Mama bistro, offering Asian street food, was founded by Kamila Rundusová, known as Kamu. This renowned, passionate chef and traveler tasted her first Phở when she was 7 years old and has loved the Asian cuisine ever since. Despite the young age, Kamu boasts an abundance of marvelous experience, collected from all around the world. As a master chef, she cooked in the Australian city of Queenstown, where she took the chef position after Joff Bertram, one of the most famous Australian chefs. She has traveled across most Asian countries, New Zealand, Fiji and other countries, including England – in this European country, she managed to work as a grill chef for Jamie Oliver himself. Thanks to her experience, talent and passion for cooking, she is able to harmoniously combine raw materials, which do not, seemingly, match. Kamu creates unconventional Asian specialties, which you will simply fall in love with. The Spicy Mama bistro offers both well-known, popular specialties and lesser-known meals, which are still unknown to the majority of people. The bistro offers also a wide range of homemade lemonades and desserts. Alongside with the food, you will be charmed with the interior as well. The concept of an open space with bar chairs, an open kitchen and large tables creates a space full of energy and pleasant smell of food. In case you find yourself shopping in the Černý Most Center, do not miss the chance to visit the Spicy Mama bistro and taste any of the specialties, cultivated and improved by Kamu. 

Spálená 22, Praha 1, Roztylská 19, Praha 4, Chlumecká 6, Praha – Černý Most, +420 736 407 038, www.spicymama.cz  

Address: Chlumecká 6, Praha – Černý Most | Spálená 22, Praha 1 | Roztylská 19, Praha 4

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