Tea Mountain

Located in Prague's delightful Karlín district is the equally delightful Tea Mountain. This authentic tea room is a special place in Prague – with their delicious rich teas, fine presentation, knowledgeable service and more, Tea Mountain will leave you with a most memorable experience. This gem of a tea room serves up a great variety of teas, including teas from exotic far away lands such as India, Japan, and China. Tea Mountain also features about 10 different types of Nepalese tea. The specialty at Tea Mountain has to be their Indian and Japanese teas though – should you be curious you can order a sampler that will let you taste a wide variety of teas. The tea is served from cool cast iron teapots that appear in a rainbow of colors – the tea however, is served in simple white teacups – so as to let the tea take center stage. The staff members are both friendly and very passionate when it comes to tea, so should you wonder about which tea to choose, do not hesitate to ask for guidance through the world of teas. The interior has dim, calming lighting and the décor is simple and warm. Don't miss Tea Mountain – one of the best tea rooms in Prague.  

Křižíkova 488/115, Praha 8, www.teamountain.cz 

Address: Křižíkova 488/115, Praha 8

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