Momoichi Coffetearia

Located in the sought after neighborhood of Vinohrady on Římská Street is the super charming Momoichi Coffetearia. This cafe / tearoom / bistro was established as a love letter to its main influence – the fine-honed tea culture of Japan (extending to the Momoyama period) – a culture that makes the most of hospitality and accommodation. Due to this intriguing influence, the founders came up with the name, Momoichi, to reflect the grounding philosophy of peace and mutual understanding. Besides enjoying the finer things in life (drinking coffee, tea, sampling delicious treats), one should also be able to meet like-minded individuals in a relaxing, attractive setting. This is what Momoichi offers, and more. The menu consists of various types of teas (matcha latte, Thai iced tea, lemongrass tea, red cappuccino/latte – rooibos tea prepared as espresso that has 5 times more antioxidants than green tea), green tea (spring midori first flush, setoya midori, bancha – to name a few), black tea, and more. At Momoichi you can also sample Japanese spirits and mixed cocktails (e.g. “Sayuri” - raspberry vodka, Aperol, lychee liqueur, rose syrup, fresh lemon and “Shiitake San” - Japanese whisky Nikka, sakura syrup & shiitake bitter). The drinks menu also offers a variety of wines, non-alcoholic drinks, and coffee (cappuccino, flat white, Arabic coffee, etc.). Momoichi Coffetearia has a varied food menu – they offer breakfast (including homemade matcha pancakes w/ kinako & agave syrup, Okonomiyaki traditional Japanese omelette w/ cabbage, eggs, bacon, cheese, Japanese mayonnaise & smoked Bonito flakes), appetizers (seasonal misoshiru soup, etc.), and main dishes (Sichuan Wonton & Wafu salad - dumplings filled w/ minced pork, chili sauce & large salad with wafu dressing, Japanese style udon noodle soup, etc.). The pretty interior boasts elements of wood and wrought iron, giving it a clean and simple touch… but one that is still welcoming. Japanese lanterns and small decorations give the space a touch of the exotic. Pay a visit to this popular cafe / tearoom / bistro today and enjoy the finer things in life in a laid back setting.

Římská 1199/35, Praha 2, +420 721 364 002, 

Address: Římská 1199/35, 120 00 Praha 2

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