Palffy Palac

An intimate and secluded restaurant located in an 18th century Baroque palace. This restaurant is located on the first floor and cannot be seen from outside giving it a very cozy and private atmosphere. The experience begins even before you enter the restaurant as you stroll down the little cobblestone street with Prague Castle overshadowing the entire area; notice the majestic complex, you will feel truly miniature next to such grandeur. As you enter the restaurant you are captivated by the rich and elaborate interior. From the flowing drapes, to the subtle lighting, the photos and pictures on the wall and the flower arrangements, everything is set in early 20th century style. The menu features classic Czech delicacies and other rich continental dishes such as lamb shoulder braised nine hours and served over parmesan spinach with coriander garlic. The colorful dessert selection is nothing short of decadent; make sure to try the Profiterole filled with Rum Ice-cream topped with chocolate, each bite is better than the previous one. The staff are highly professional, clean-cut and attentive.

Valdštejnská 14, Prague 1, +420 257 530 522,

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Traditional Czech Cuisine

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