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Indian by Nature

Fancy some delicious, traditional Indian food in Prague? If so, you are in luck, for Indian by Nature has your name written all over it. This supremely popular Indian restaurant in Prague is a huge hit with ethnic food lovers and culinary experts. Using the finest natural ingredients and preparing their traditional cuisine with love and expertise, Indian by Nature has our vote for one of, if not the best Indian restaurants in Prague. This first rate Indian establishment in Prague provides excellent exotic and spicy cuisine thanks to Chef Sarkar, the restaurant's Indian chef who has years of fine dining/catering experience from top restaurants in his homeland. He has gained a vast range of culinary skills over the years, and his special skills continue to grow, and to impress. His ability to deliver the finest Indian cuisine in Prague has the whole city talking – be in the know and try this amazing Indian restaurant today. Excellent food, super service – that is Indian by Nature. It is of interest to note that Indian by Nature offers a special weekday lunch buffet where you can sample a good variety of Indian dishes. This all-you-can-eat buffet is great value for money. Don't miss Indian by Nature – the best Indian restaurant in Prague! Indian by Nature has two locations in Prague - please see the addresses below.


Pernerova 478/1, Praha 8, +420 222 968 622, +420 601 200 198. Dejvická 188/6, Praha 6, +420 220 951 378, +420 601 200 195. 


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