Tina Hollas Couture

Pay a visit to the Tina Hollas Couture atelier and let yourself be charmed by a wide range of mens- and womenswear, together with collections of accessories, bracelets, hand-tailored leather handbags and clutches, and more. The extraordinary concept of the atelier, situated in the heart of Prague in the pleasant quarter of Old Town, combines a retail space and workroom, where you can watch the products as they are being made. This concept is reminiscent of an “open kitchen,” a phenomenon from the world of gastronomy that is favored all around the world, allowing visitors to look under the lid, so to speak. When creating a product, the Tina Hollas Couture brand puts heavy emphasis on exclusive, high quality and 100% bio organic materials, which have a beneficial impact on both our mental and physical well-being. The original collections, including coats, jackets, dresses, tops, skirts and trousers, represent a relaxed and sophisticated elegance, which is the most suitable for those with mature personalities, simply because the nobility of the materials and the inventive simplicity help to underline their personal charisma and confidence. The atelier also offers fashion and interior accessories, such as hand-knitted cashmere or silk scarfs and sweaters, bracelets, and limited collections of hand-tailored leather handbags and clutches. The interior accessories consist of tables and sizable mirrors with hand-sculpted wooden frames. The Tina Hollas Couture brand was established in 1996 by Martina Hollasová; the atelier, located within reach of the attractive Kozí Street, was officially opened in winter 2015. Early on the founder of the brand had been creating only womenswear. Today, Tina Hollas Couture designs and produces also menswear and collections for children. Martina Hollasová is also intensively occupied with custom-made designs, which freely follow current or past collections. If you are interested in purchasing a specific fashion item that will suit your body the best, do not hesitate to arrange an individual consultation. Pay a visit to this charming atelier situated in a magical part of Prague, where you can enjoy a fine glass of prosecco or a cup of coffee in a peaceful, pleasant atmosphere, all the while admiring the Tina Hollas Couture fashion and design products.  

U Obecního dvora 4, Praha 1, +420 602 325 125, www.tinahollas.com

Address: U Obecního dvora 4, Praha 1

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