Tattoo Studio Alien

Located in the labyrinth of cobblestone lanes that make up the romantic Old Town district of Prague is the hip Studio Alien, a tattoo and piercing salon. Situated among a string of tourist shops and restaurants, it is almost refreshing to find something so real and alternative culturally. Studio Alien is a professional, hygienic and comfortable salon where you can choose from over 10,000 prepared tattoo motifs including tribal, Old School, New School, fantasy, biomechanics and more. The aim of Studio Alien is to satisfy their customers’ visions on every level whether it be producing a prepared image or consulting and then executing a custom-made unique image. Studio Alien offers a wide range of piercing jewelry and offers a wide range of piercing options with consultations beforehand. Studio Alien has a good reputation and has been hailed by various media such as Reflex, Esquire, Art Magazin Tattoo, Tattoo Scena and more.

Jilská 22, Praha 1, +420 734 744 728,


Address: Jilska 22, Praha 1

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