TYPO+ Graphic Design Studio

Creative services in the area of graphic design, promotion, advertising including media, dealing with brand images and publishing activities, all these services and more are offered by Typo+ Graphic Design Studio, which has a long tradition on the Czech market. Typo+ boasts high-quality technical facilities, which allow them to process a large volume of orders from initial ideas up to their full implementation. Typo+ Graphic Design Studio will fulfill your graphical requirements of all kinds. Typo+ will create for you complete a corporate identity (brand and logo, manuals, annual reports, leaflets), give you proposals for creative advertising campaigns (slogans, advertisements, billboards, TV spots), create designs of books, newspapers and magazines and offer special and creative graphic work, printing services and much more. A highly popular service is the creation of digital archives of negatives, photographs, paintings, prints and chronicles and digital photo editing. To get a better idea of what Typo+ actually produces, check the studio's website, which features a number of logos, posters and books, as well as an overview of satisfied customers, which include for example the Prague Symphony Orchestra, a variety of law companies and various regions of the Czech Republic. 

Kováků 9, Praha 5, +420 251 564 212, www.typoplus.cz


Address: Astlova 3205/1, Praha 5

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