Natuzzi Furniture

The Natuzzi Furniture Company, whose mission is to select the best furniture for modern homes, has been present on the market for more than ten years. You can visit two shops in Prague, the first one being in the Lucerna Arcade in Prague 1 and the second one in the Rubin Office Center in Prague 8. In both of them you will be offered not only furniture but also the best of the contemporary design. In addition to high quality and comfortable sofas you can choose from different types of carpets, lamps, tables and decorative items, photo frames, vases, candles, trays and other unique design pieces. The Mediterranean-inspired Pasquale Natuzzi, chairman and chief designer of the company, and his name has become a synonym for Italian quality, precision and style. Thanks to the continuous improvement of skills and qualification of workers and craftsmen, Natuzzi has become a world leader in the production of leather sofas and the largest Italian furniture manufacturer at the same time. This success is based on more than forty years of hard work, creativity and innovation. Natuzzi is the best choice if you admire black and white design; simplicity, clarity and high contrast are the basic characteristics of their black and white interiors. Natuzzi has created many unique furniture collections in black and white. While choosing furniture and creating your home, Natuzzi specialists will be more than happy to assist and advise you in the fields of arrangements, colors and material design. Entrust the interior of your home to the experts at Natuzzi!

V Jámě 3, Praha 1, +420 224 162 056. Pobřežní 52, Prague 8, +420 296 579 410,

Address: V Jámě 3, Praha 1 | Pobřežní 52, Prague 8

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