Laterna magika

Located on Narodni Street, a famous Prague Street that separates Old Town from New Town is the unique ice-cube shaped Laterna magika. Part of the National Theater, Laterna magika dates back to 1958 and features productions under the title Nová Scéna (New Scene) that include elements of modern and contemporary dance. The first period of the theater was under director Alfred Radok and stage designer Josef Svoboda who together premiered the troupe at the EXPO 58 in Brussels, Belgium at the Czechoslovak pavilion under the name Laterna magika. After the success of the performance in 1958 a new theater was constructed in 1959 and named after the first troupe. Continuing with the theater’s success at home and abroad the second period of Laterna magika started at the EXPO 67 in Montreal, Canada and at the EXPO 70 in Osaka, Japan. These performances not only premiered at foreign EXPOs but also traveled the world. In the 1970s Laterna magika joined forces with the National Theater in Prague and has continued this marriage of classical theater to modern theater till today. Laterna magika specializes in a special type of theater, non-verbal, that uses a combination of film projection, dance, sound, lights, pantomime, black light theater elements and more, but completely without words making this non-verbal theater a delight for everyone.

Národní 4, Praha 1, +420 224 901 417, 

Address: Národní 4, Praha 1

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