Vietnamese Cuisine

  • Banh Mi Ba Banh Mi Ba

    Should you be craving authentic Vietnamese food in Prague, Banh Mi Ba is a great place to get your tasty, spicy fix. Situated in the city center, this Vietnamese bistro offers up fresh made-to-order traditional Vietnamese sandwiches (made with fresh, locally-made baguettes) and a variety of noodle dishes. The offer from Banh Mi Ba is suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians and includes (for the sandwich filling) pork, beef, pate, fish, or tofu. The noodle dishes on offer include Pho...

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  • Bánh Mì Makers Bánh Mì Makers

    Pay a visit to Bánh Mì Makers in the pretty Gourmet Passage Dlouhá (full of lovely little gourmet shops, wine bars, and eateries) and let your senses be over taken by delightful Vietnamese food. Bánh Mì Makers offers a variety of famous Bánh Mì sandwiches, some of the best traditional street food offered in the colorful country of Vietnam. These mouth-watering sandwiches (available for take away as well) consist of light and fluffy fresh baguettes stuffed with meat and Asian...

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  • Ha Noi | Vietnamese Restaurant Ha Noi

    Situated in the residential area of Vinohrady is Ha Noi, a colorful cellar restaurant where you can find tasty and authentic Vietnamese food. The city of Prague has a large Vietnamese population but not until Ha Noi was there a decent restaurant to get your Vietnamese cuisine fix. Featured in the New York Times and on many food blogs about Prague restaurants, Ha Noi combines a bright interior complete with Vietnamese wall decorations such as straw hats, festive paintings and...

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  • Sapa Market Place | Prague TTTM Sapa Market Place

    If you have succumbed to the taste of Vietnamese cuisine be it as a consequence of your stay in a beautiful Asian country or your culinary experience at one of the Vietnamese restaurants and bistros that have been recently growing in numbers in Prague, sooner or later you will want to prepare some delicious Vietnamese dishes at home. The needed ingredients for your culinary magic can be best purchased at the large TTTM Sapa market place located in the outskirts...

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  • Zebra Asian Noodle Bar | Prague Asian Restaurants Zebra Asian Noodle Bar

    Zebra Asian Noodle Bar and Zebra Express - where you can sample some of the best Asian cuisine in Prague. If you fancy some exotic cuisine, simply head to Zebra Asian Noodle Bar or Zebra Express (should you be in a hurry) and start your culinary journey through the mysterious and intriguing Far East. At both Zebra locations you will find a variety of delectable, exciting dishes with splendid mouthwatering flavors; from the far reaches of the globe these exotic...

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