An unusual concept set in an apartment building on Pařížská Street will come to fruition at the end of November – several architectural ateliers will create fully furnished apartments, covering five floors of the building. Five families left their homes permanently so the five selected ateliers could come up with new designs, remake the apartments and open the building to the public for a period of one month. The organizers chose architects with original designs, including those who are young, talented and those who have years of experience. Initial renovations, layout of the apartments and wall surfaces of all the apartments, as well as built-in furniture in the last three floors were done by the Ivana Dombková atelier. The same atelier designed one of the apartments completely. The other apartments are designed by OOOOX studio, SAD atelier, Ivana Kowalski and Lenka Míková. The styles of the five new apartments correspond with the families living in them – a father with children, a young artsy couple, a male couple, a couple formed by a model and a businessman, and a family with two children, traveling all the time. From 24.11. to 22.12.2016 you will have the opportunity to attend brunches, workshops, guided tours, or, eventually organize them yourself. The evening program will consist of stylish parties. The catering will be supplied by the Moët Hennessy company, the Ambiente restaurant chain and the SOHO restaurant, all of which are truly professional establishments, able to charm you with a perfect harmony of food and drinks. Pay a visit to these exciting interior design concept on Pařížská Street and become modern, unconventional "squatters".

    Contact: Pařížská 23, Praha 1, 24.11. – 22.12., www.squatid.cz 

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