• Signal Festival 2016 | Prague Signal Festival 2016

    From October 13th – 16th 2016 Prague will play host once again to the Signal Festival. This well known festival, which this year has been included by the Ministry of Culture among the ranks of the top priority cultural events taking place in Prague and the Czech Republic, brings a lovely otherworldly setting to the city of one hundred spires. Prague will be glowing with twinkling light installations created from the latest technologies – don’t miss this exciting experience. The installations will be all over Prague in different locations – in both famous areas and lesser known neighborhoods. The festival will include video-mapping and outdoor installations – the video-mapping presentations awesomely highlight the amazing architectural features of Prague's buildings. This year will also see the establishment of the SIGNALlab – a creative center in the Holešovice Market (hall No. 40), that will assist in the development and education of fresh young talent. Light presentations begin in the evening; for further information including show schedules, maps, artist bios, etc., have a look at www.signalfestival.com. 

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