• Prague Writers' Festival 2017 Prague Writers' Festival 2017

    The 2017 installment of the Prague Writer’s Festival takes place November 10 -13, 2017 at the Czech Senate, as well at other venues (to be announced). The theme of this year’s festival, provided by Afro-American novelist-essayist James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time is mirrored in the new documentary by Raoul Peck, titled “I Am Not Your Negro.” In the own words of the festival organizers, “We enter the age of the illogicality of logic—populism as a form of imitation—walking backwards toward disintegration, segregation, the sirens of wall-to-wall nationalism. The velocity of alternate facts—the collapse of political parties—present democracies divided into zones of comfort and fear. The buck stops with the Festival. Our authors walk the dog of history—predict future conflicts—energizing a living culture for a great, young audience. To prepare for the future—we must know the past. In James Baldwin’s words: ‘The past makes the present coherent.’ The Fire Next Time.” The Prague Writers’ Festival continues to be one of the city’s most celebrated events, bringing together well-known authors from all corners of the globe. It also happens to be one of the more notable writing festivals in Europe; it continues to grow, reaching for new heights and more success. The writers for this year’s Prague Writers’ Festival will be announced later this spring. For further information about the general program, authors (TBA), venues (TBA) and more, please visit www.pwf.cz.

    Prague Writers’ Festival 2017
    The Fire Next Time
    November 10 – 13, 2017

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