Galerie Art Deco

Located in the maze-like system of winding lanes that constitute Old Town, Galerie Art Deco, which opened in 1994 is one of our favorite antique shops in Prague. It is one of the best places to score unique colorful Art Deco jewelry made of all materials - the best finds being unique necklaces made of Czech glass. Galerie Art Deco also offers a fantastic selection of handbags and luggage, gloves made of leather and lace, furs, hats, belts, and much more. Apart from clothes and fashion accessories Galerie Art Deco also sells home decor, serving utensils and platters, smaller pieces of furniture, and lighting fixtures. It is also interesting to note that Galerie Art Deco hosts historically-themed fashion shows and has had such customers as the intriguing Johnny Depp and the talented Jean Paul Gaultier.

Michalská 21, Praha 1, +420 224 223 076,

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Address: Michalská 21, Praha 1

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