Currency Exchange Offices

Be very much aware of currency exchange offices in Prague. Located throughout the city and of course in the city center where they are most convenient, most exchange offices list what may seemingly be a good offer, but upon closer inspection, the rate is not affective unless you are exchanging a lot of money. This is stated in very small letters at the bottom of the information boards that the offices advertise. If you are not paying attention, then you will more than likely be ripped off. Be careful of hotels too, they may possibly exchange your money and then not offer you a receipt; nothing is more suspicious than no receipt. The best solution is to cut out the exchange offices completely and use your ATM card. When you use your ATM card to make a withdrawal you will receive the best exchange rate and you know you will not be ripped off. Bankomats or cash points are located throughout the city and are easy to find and even easier to trust. If you have to exchange cash then we recommend asking your Prague-Stay agent, who will recommend a reputable exhange office to you. 

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