Kost Castle

In the protected area of Cesky Raj located about an hour northeast of Prague you will find magical castles and ruins, natural wonders such as rock cities and rock quarries containing semi precious stones and much more. Tucked away in the thick forest is the Kost Castle, or the Bone Castle. Kost Castle is the best-preserved Gothic castle in the Czech Republic. The castle remained untouched throughout the years, protecting its Gothic charm and atmosphere. Kost underwent a meticulous renovation in the 1950s. The hidden castle is located in a valley surrounded by dense forest, unlike most castles in Bohemia that are situated on hills. The large White Tower has a trapezoid like plan, another unique feature of this massive castle. Kost Castle and the surrounding countryside are definitely worth a trip from Prague. You can choose between two tours of the castle: one is devoted to the Kinsky family (current owners) and the main interiors including the famous kitchen, while the other tour concentrates on torture devices and criminal law of the 16th-18th centuries, plus the White Tower.

Hrad Kost, Podkost, Libošovice, www.hrad-kost.cz


Address: Podkost, Libošovice

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