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We Love Prague

The Mother of All Cities

We are a group of friends and colleagues who love to discover the unusual places that Prague has to offer, and to share our knowledge so that visitors can experience the best that this beautiful city has to offer. Not only because we share a passion for traveling, but also because we want to respond to the current trends and changes in the behavior of modern travelers, we decided to create this Prague travel guide with carefully and personally selected places worth discovering that we can truly vouch for. Also, to make it as easy as possible for those heading to Prague and who feel overwhelmed by the deluge of information, in addition to finding suitable accommodation on our website, you can easily find airline connections.

Our aim is to offer
  • verified tips in a simple and user-friendly way
Because we believe that Prague has something to offer everyone
  • whether you want to experience Prague's glorious history first-hand
  • or you wish to explore Prague's renowned culture and art
  • or simply enjoy your holiday in an exciting way
We hope to open the gateway to extraordinary and exciting experiences in Prague for everyone!