Prague is an interesting city with plenty of sightseeing opportunities, cultural events and such. But what happens when the sun goes down on Central Europe’s preserved gem? What is the nightlife in Prague like? Prague becomes a different city full of creeping shadows in dimly lit lanes, circling bats above your head and a definite sense of crazy fun. From traditional beer halls with accordion players to sleek modern dance clubs, Prague nightlife is alive and kicking until the sun comes up, and what better way to see Charles Bridge then at sunrise (plus the world-famous bridge is virtually empty in the morning and quite stunning without hoards of tourists)? The nightlife in Prague is an interesting mix of generations as well, if you seek the more traditional beer halls and pubs for your Prague nightlife experience, do not be surprised if you end up drinking with Grandfather Czech and do not be surprised when (not if) he drinks you under the table because he most certainly will! And after a night of fun, why not finish it off with a tasty fried cheese sandwich from a street vendor? Oh, and watch out for the Absinthe, it bites back. The nightlife in Prague is definitely worth your time.