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Are you visiting the city with children or simply live in beautiful Prague and wish to take the little ones to a marionette theater or a children’s theater? You are in luck for the city of one hundred spires features many options for children. Prague marionette theaters and Prague theaters for children display the best of the best entertainment for children and your little ones will surely be happy and tell everyone about this fun experience. Besides, if you buy also marionettes for your children, it is more than probable that marionette performances will take place also at your home, whether it will be you pulling the strings or your children. These marionettes can be purchased at the marionette shops lining the cobblestone streets in the center of Prague proving the long tradition of marionette theater in Prague and the Czech Republic. Popular theaters for children in Prague include the Spejbl and Hurvínek Theater or the Minor Theater. You can read about them and other theaters staging performances for children below.