Troja Sights | Prague Sightseeing

Troja is a lush, quiet residential area of Prague where you will find green rolling hills, the winding snake-like Vltava (with accompanying bicycle paths on the embankment) and Prague Zoo, voted among the top 10 zoos in the world, the gorgeous Baroque Troja Chateau and the vast Troja Botanic Garden. 

  • Prague Baroque Architecture | Troja Chateau Troja Chateau

    The romantic Baroque chateau of Troja is located by a lovely bend in the Vltava River, surrounded by lovely gardens and an old vineyard. This wonderful chateau or villa was designed by Jean Baptiste Mathey upon the request of the glorious Sternberg family after Wenzel Adalbert von Sternberg embarked on his essential Grand Tour and returned to Bohemia with visions of Roman residential splendor in his mind (the chateau is inspired by the spacious 16th and 17th century villas Sternberg...

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  • Prague Zoo | Prague for Children | Parrot Prague Zoo

    In the leafy hilly area of Troja sits the wonderful Prague Zoo. Ranked in 2008 by Forbes Magazine as the 7th Best Zoo in the World, it features a modest 111 acres, but houses over 5,000 animals from 630 different species and draws children and adults alike to partake in good educational fun. The Indonesian Jungle, which is currently breeding Komodo Dragons, a relatively new Sea Lion exhibit, and Monkey Island are among the newer additions to the zoo, but...

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  • Troja Botanic Garden | Japanese Garden Troja Botanic Garden

    The area of Troja is lovely, complete with green rolling hills followed by the snake-like winding Vltava, the grand Troja Chateau, a true Baroque gem, the Prague Zoo, voted among the top 10 zoos in the world, and the impressive Prague Botanic Gardens. Stretching over a large chunk of land, the Botanic Garden includes a Japanese Garden with a gorgeous grove of Japanese Cherry trees, an exhibition of irises, several small ponds and lakes, the vineyard of St. Claire, and...

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