Luxor Palace of Books

Neoluxor, a popular book chain, offers seven stores in Prague, the largest being located on Wenceslas Square, the Palace of Books. If Prague had a Barnes and Noble or Borders, this would be it. With over 60,000 titles to choose from and an in-store nonsmoking cafe, you will be comfortable and pleasantly surprised with the selection of books offered. Neoluxor offers mostly Czech titles however the Palace of Books on Wenceslas Square features a very large selection of English titles including fiction, nonfiction, brand new titles as well as literary classics, bestsellers, sci-fi and fantasy books, detective stories, comics, the largest translated Czech to English local interest section in Prague, maps, a whole floor of textbooks and other school resources, a wide and good selection of art books in Czech and English, a small English section for children, travel books and a poster and journal section as well. Apart from Czech and English books, Luxor also offers books in French and German. And with being a bookstore chain, you can expect bookstore chain prices, much lower than the independent bookstores in Prague. The non-smoking café is located by the art books so why not have a cup of energy while pondering over some avant-garde photography? The staff at the Luxor Palace of Books is friendly and helpful. If you are searching for a specific book and do not see it, do not hesitate to ask if Neoluxor can order it from their comprehensive and well-organized database. Orders are free of charge and take 2-3 weeks to process depending on the shopping season. Spend a day at the Palace of Books and wonder if you are indeed at Barnes and Nobles or Borders. Luxor features regular meetings and signing events with writers and other famous personalities.

Luxor Palace of Books: Wenceslas Square 41, Praha 1, +420 221 111 368; Dejvická Bookstore: the vestibule of A metro - Dejvická, Praha 6, +420 224 310 130; Černá Labuť Palace of Textbooks and Books: Na poříčí 25, Praha 1, +420 296 504 333; Palladium Palace of Books: Náměstí Republiky 1, Praha 1, +420 296 110 100; The Main Train Station Bookstore (Hlavní Nádraží): Wilsonova 8, Praha 2, +420 972 241 926; Chodov Bookstore: Chodov Shopping Center, Praha 4, +420 234 225 110; Nový Smíchov Bookstore: Plzeňská 8, Praha 5, +420 296 110 552; Atrium Flora Shopping Center Bookstore: Vinohradská 151, Praha 3, +420 296 110 800,


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