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Established in 1994, Unicare Medical Center is the first multilingual, private health facility in the Czech Republic, providing complex medical care for whole families. Thanks to the excellent language skills of the doctors and nurses, the center presents the perfect solution for the international community in Prague as well as for short-term foreign visitors. The medical care of the Unicare Medical Center comprises major medical specialties, including general practitioners, paediatricians and dentists, alongside with a wide range of other specialties, such as gynecology, cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, etc. The modern medical center is situated in a peaceful residential location of Prague 6, within a short walking distance from the Bořislavka metro station, and is perfectly equipped for examinations (EKG, ultrasound, X-ray, mammography and other examinations). Alongside with the above-mentioned equipment, Unicare Medical Center boasts also professional doctors who are among the best in their fields. Whether you are having problems with your teeth, skin, digestion, or other parts of your body or are considering undergoing a preventive medical examination & vaccination, the professional UNICARE team will provide you with caring and long-lasting high quality medical care and a friendly attitude that will free you from the white coat syndrome immediately. Everybody knows that time is life's most precious commodity – that is why the Unicare Medical Center puts emphasis on minimizing the waiting time inside the clinic. You can easily schedule an appointment with a doctor during the opening hours, which are, in comparison to the state health sector, truly long, or – in case of urgent need – call a doctor who will provide you with a home or a hotel visit immediately. Entrust yourself and your family to the hands of the doctors at UNICARE and receive professional medical care in your native language.

Na Dlouhém Lánu 11, Prague 6, +420 235 356 553, reception@unicare.cz, www.unicare.cz


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