Bezdez Castle

Located in a whimsical area of Northern Bohemia overlooking gently rolling hills is the romantic Bezdez Castle. Lovers of Czech literature will surely appreciate the background of the castle as it is seeped in Czech lore and romantic myth. The Gothic Bezdez Castle consists of a chapel and various ruins. The structure itself is perched atop a hill, which is not recommended for senior citizens or people with health problems, as it is a steep hill to climb. The castle dates back to 1264 when its construction started due to the wishes of Přemysl Otakar II. Visitors to the castle can see the Royal Palace, the Burgrave’s House and the Gothic Chapel. Furthermore the hike up to the castle features stunning views of the surrounding hilly countryside. The castle was immortalized by artists, composers including Bedřich Smetana and poets including Czech poet Karel Hynek Mácha. The nearby Mácha Lake, named after the poet is another spot to visit if you wish to take a relaxing dip. If you are a lover of literature and Romanticism, do not miss Bezdez Castle, one of the most evocative structures in the Czech Republic.

Státní hrad Bezděz, 471 62 Okna.

Address: Státní hrad Bezděz, 471 62 Okna

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