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Andílek Preschool with Montessori Elements

The aim of Andílek preschool is to educate children between 3 and 6 years of age through the Montessori method for a reasonable price. The Andílek preschool is operated by the Andílek family center. It puts emphasis on the development of self-reliance and responsibility in children, offers a secure environment without competition and comparison and teaches children to act with respect to nature. It aims to arouse motivation in children to learn and provides space for their natural and free development. Children, of which there are not more than 15 in the class, are taught by three teachers with different specializations who in their relation to children are guided by the motto “Help me, so that I can make it myself”. The preschool is located in the building of an elementary school on Kořenského Street and uses its gym and garden for its needs. The Andílek preschool presents an alternative to many other preschools with Montessori elements in Prague that are, however, out of the price range of many parents. The monthly fee for five days a week is CZK 5,500 + CZK 60 for a day board including organic lunch.

Pod Radnicí 3, Praha 5. Registration and information: Bc. Miroslava Vlčková, +420 603 434 978,


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