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TETTY – Czech-English Nursery and Preschool

If you want your children to absorb both English and Czech from a very early age, you will certainly like the TETTY Czech-English Nursery and Preschool in the Prague 6 Břevnov district. The TETTY Czech-English Nursery and Preschool is attended by children from 6 months to 6 years and as early as at the age of 18 months children get acquainted with English on a daily basis. They learn it through music, singing, exercises and rhymes. Preschoolers have both a Czech and American teacher that take turns in the class. However, children at the TETTY Nursery and Preschool do not only learn English, but of course develop their other skills and abilities. The youngest children like to play a lot, browse through children's books with colorful pictures and listen to songs. Children between 18 months and 3 years like to draw, sing and exercise. From the age of 4 children play tennis regularly and go swimming. Teachers at the TETTY Preschool help to instill a positive relation in children to books and reading as early as from the age of 3. The atmosphere at the school is very friendly and your children will certainly like it. The building is surrounded with a large garden where children play and experience nature all around them. Under bad weather conditions children can play on covered terraces. The TETTY Czech-English Nursery and Preschool offers a familiar family atmosphere where your child will develop in many ways through various activities.

Šantrochova 3, Praha 6 , +420 602 241 830, www.tetty.cz


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