Located in the city center of Prague is Tatiana, a splendid boutique selling designer clothes. The Tatiana label, established in 1995 by Taťána Kováříková is sold in Prague and represents quality, luxury and originality. The materials used to create the innovative Tatiana clothing designs are of upmost quality and are purchased from Spain, Italy and France. Even the most demanding clients will find what they are looking for with the intimate Tatiana clothing collections as all of the products and accessories are gorgeously beautiful and made to last. Proof of Tatiana’s innovation, uniqueness, and quality is to be found in its regular customers, who include Helena Vondráčková, Monika Absolonová, Hana Zagorová, Jitka Asterová and many others. The Tatiana label is regularly presented at international exhibitions and fashion shows in such cities as New York, The Hague, Paris and Berlin. Taťána Kováříková is one of the top fashion designers in the Czech Republic as she is very much aware of the importance of femininity and precise structure in garments. Tatiana clothing can be characterized as ultra feminine and elegant but with a slight, sexy edginess to it. If you wish to wear clothing that hugs your body the right way and makes you feel like a real woman, then make sure to visit Tatiana! 

Dušní 1, Prague 1, +420 224 813 723, www.tatiana.cz 

Address: Dušní 1, Praha 1

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