If you love the look of pearls but wish for a more modern design in which to wear them, have a look at the offer of Antipearle. Antipearle offers a wide range of rings, earrings, necklaces and ear cuffs that come in gold or silver with white or black cultivated freshwater pearls. The jewelry design has an almost noble yet macabre element to it ensuring that if you are looking for something different in pearl design, you have found it. Antipearle jewelry is the brainchild of photographer and designer Markéta Dlouhá Márová who uses pearls imported from the Pacific for her unusual, intriguing designs. Márová has her own unique individual collection plus collections in collaboration with leading artists. If you are looking for high quality, different and gorgeous pearl design jewelry, look no further than Antipearle. Antipearle features a convenient online shop. 

Markéta Dlouhá Márová, +420 605 375 728,, 

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