BOA design

The BOA brand represents limited collections of fashion and interior accessories, whose authors are the designer Petr Mikošek and fashion designer Michaela Vrátníková. BOA products boast of original design, focus on detail and a high quality of processing. Your interior will acquire new charm with original armchairs or a sofa made of polyurethane, “spider-like” chandeliers from the Neoline collection or perfect drinking sets. A specialty of the BOA brand is the design sports bags made of water-resistant materials that excel in their simple and functional design. A part of the bag collection is printed with original motifs (the prints on the 2012 bag collection were inspired by mysterious diagrams in grain crops that appeared in various parts of the world). Both founders of the BOA brand that came to the world in 2005 can boast of interesting work experience connected with foremost companies in their fields – while Petr Mikošek has worked for the Olgoj Chorchoj architectural studio and designers and architects Bořek Šípek and Jiří Pelcl, Michaela Vrátníková's career was connected with famous fashion brands, such as Meatfly, Alpine Pro, Ragwear and Kenvelo. Thanks to the originality of their designs both of them belong nowadays to the top Czech designers. BOA products can be purchased in Prague at Modernista, Pour Pour, Hard-de-core, Basmatee and 3DH Interier stores. BOA goods can also be ordered via its website.

Michaela Vrátníková, +420 736 534 115; Petr Mikošek, +420 603 394 754,

Address: Senovážné náměstí 10, Praha 1 | Školská 7, Praha 1 | Celetná 12, Praha 1 | Vinohradská 74, Praha 3

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