The Kow brand by Jaroslav Kučera represents limited collections of jewelry, as well as interior accessories made exclusively from metal. The portfolio of Jaroslav Kučera, a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design under professor V. K. Novák, includes mainly wedding and other rings, earrings and more. Kučera creates jewelry from silver, white, yellow and rose gold, titanium, stainless steel and their combinations. His wedding rings always create a complete form when joined together which may not be apparent at first sight. When the two rings are joined together a heart or a female figure appears or the two rings simply naturally “click” into each other. Kow jewelry includes also rings made from the combination of silver and titanium - that is, metals that cannot be soldered. For that reason Jaroslav Kučera uses an unusual method for the seam, which is typical rather of a seam found in the fashion industry. Kow jewelry will also serve as a beautiful present and the creator himself makes this easier by designing fun earrings that can be sent via mail as a card. The earrings are cut into an aluminum plate from which they need to be carefully taken out and formed into the shape of a cube. The person who receives such a gift will rejoice in the transformation that she herself has given to the piece of jewelry. Even though Jaroslav Kučera focuses mainly on the creation of jewelry, he also designs and creates interior accessories made of metal. His MOU Tea Set made from gray cast iron, the Silver Vertigo Vase, or even his unique Golf Club Holder are all worth mentioning. You can purchase Kow products in Prague at Kubista, Futurista Universum, or at www.molo7.cz. 

Na Kopečku 9, Prague 8, +420 777 273 325, kow.cz, www.envelopebijoux.com

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