The no. brand represents limited collections of clothing and accessories by talented fashion designer Hana Zárubová and successful graphic designer Štěpán Malovec. The collection first appeared at the Designblok 2008 exhibition where it was nominated for the Czech Grand Design Award. Since that time the collection has expanded by more products, each of which bears its own serial number and title. Hana Zárubová designs limited collections of sporty yet elegant clothes made with sophisticated cuts and inconspicuous colors (especially black, white and gray), while Štěpán Malovec designs original prints and tags for individual pieces of clothing. You can buy, for example, an original T-shirt, skirt, sweatshirt or jacket by no. that will certainly let you stand out from the crowd. Although the majority of pieces are designated for women, the creative couple has also included a design jacket for men to their collection and plans to continue in its offer for men in the future. The success of the no. brand is evident also from the Czech Grand Design Award in the Fashion Designer of the Year 2010 category that Hana Zárubová received for the fall collection called no.kolo. The no. collection is available at an electronic shop and after a prior arrangement also in the at Jánský vršek in Prague's Malá Strana., Jánský Vršek 9/325 (European 1st floor), Prague 1, +420 774 207 158,,

Address: Jánský vršek 9/325 , Praha 1

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