Jaroslava and Dominika Sedláčková

During the relatively short period of her activity in the field of fashion design, the Czech fashion designer Jaroslava Sedláčková has achieved a well-deserved place among the best fashion designers in the Czech Republic. Since 2008 Jaroslava has been cooperating with her daughter Dominika, with whom she is on the same wavelength, especially when it comes to fashion design. In her work, Jaroslava focuses on evening dresses, often made from natural silk and which she decorates with hand-made embroidery. These original dresses uniquely emphasize the beauty of each woman, underlining her natural beauty and flattering her body. Dresses by Jaroslava and Dominika Sedláčková are often flared and light, and their owners look very feminine and attractive in them. During the course of her career, Jaroslava Sedláčková has created designs for Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Europe, and several years of the Czech Miss contest. As part of Petra Němcová's Happy Hearts fundraising event, Jaroslava's dresses were worn by top models such as Petra Němcová, Paulina Pořízková, Ivanka Trump, Daniela Peštová, Alena Šeredová, and many others. Her original creations have appeared in Czech and foreign magazines and her most important projects include her participation in fashion shows in Chile, St. Petersburg, and in Italy at the international fashion exhibition in Treviso in 2003, as well as cooperation with the Italian Tessoria Asolana Company, and Ralph Lauren's fashion designer Anna Fong.

Studio: Podskalská 20, Prague 2, +420 602 509 298, www.sedlackova.ji.cz

Address: Podskalská 20, Praha 2

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