Blanka Matragi

Blanka Matragi is a world-famous Czech fashion designer and artist with thirty years of successful design work behind her. Her designs are inspired mainly by the countries that she has visited, as well as by music and graphics. With her husband, she moved to Lebanon in 1980 where she opened the prestigious Blanka Haute Couture salon in 1982 and her gowns have gained great fame especially among Persian princesses, and the wives of oil magnates and diplomats. Her current clientele comes from royal palaces in the countries around the Persian Gulf, but also includes women from the higher social strata in the Middle East and Europe. Designing primarily evening and wedding dresses with hand-made rich appliques, such as embroidery with pearls and precious stones, fans know her work when they see it. She uses only high-quality materials – often hand painted –such as silk, chiffon, transparent tulle, and lace. Blanka Matragi's boutique, called Blanka, can be found in Prague near the Municipal House. Do not expect, however, that you will find her haute couture robes here –these are unattainable for regular consumers. The Blanka boutique mainly houses a sportswear and formal collection including clothes and accessories at more affordable prices. The collections include tops, scarves, shoes, handbags, belts and dresses with digital prints, made from very pleasant gauzy materials. Blanka Matragi is the proud holder of several prestigious awards such as the International Salvador Dali Prize 2002 for Fine Arts, the František Kupka National Prize 2002, and the Distinguished Czech Woman of the World Award 2003, awarded by the Czech Senate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Besides fashion design she also deals with designing glass and chandeliers, jewelry, as well as porcelain for the Czech porcelain producer Thun, sculpture, and more. 

U Prašné brány 2, Praha 1,  

Address: U Prašné brány 2, Praha 1

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