Adéla Pečlová

Architecture student Adéla Pečlová creates design jewelry that is suitable for contemporary wearers who love clean curves and outstanding simplicity. Created in the Summer of 2011, Adéla Pečlová's line of jewelry creations that became a Czech brand under her own name in 2012 make use of simple lines combining metal coated glass, aluminum, wood, upcycled glass beads and neodymium magnets – she finds inspiration mostly in architecture and specific materials used. The combination of such elements, which are sourced locally whenever possible (with all glass beads coming from Jablonec nad Nisou in Bohemia), brings to the design table contemporary yet elegant creations that any fashionista would be happy to wear. As an extra-added bonus, Adéla Pečlová can do custom-made personalized pieces as well. Her latest collection, titled Wood, focuses on eco-design and is made of upcycled glass beads. It is also of interest to note that Adéla Pečlová exhibited her work at the Prague Design Week 2014 and displayed her new collection using natural wooden pieces at the Czech Design Week 2015. Adéla Pečlová's jewelry is available to try on and/or purchase at various Prague design boutiques including Hard-De-Core, La Femme Mimi, and Pour Pour – for other shops please visit her user-friendly website. Should you wish to shop from the comfort of your own home, please visit her e-shop: If you are in the market for a new design piece and you would like something unique, sparkling, and easy to wear – a piece that is minimalistic and follows clean geometric lines – look no further than the collections of Adéla Pečlová., 

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