Dana Bezděková

Dana Bezděková belongs among the most distinctive names in the Czech jewelry design scene. She is engaged in studio and scenic jewelry design, as well as in commercial collections. In Bezděková's work, clean geometrical lines are mixed with a bold color element, and sophisticatedly designed parts enable the whole object or just tiny details to move. Dana Bezděková has a strong poetic style that is reflected in the PRINTI collection, which includes, among other pieces of jewelry, a series of letter earrings inspired by old type wheel flaps. The PRINTI collection is expressed by an imprint of the structure of found objects into precious metals, e.g. the rings copy a microphone network or a rusty tube. Patinated or rhodium-plated silver alongside gilded elements create a beautiful contrast of structures and layers, thanks to which all the rings from the collection fit together perfectly. Thereby, unique and original pieces of jewelry come into existence, boasting a gentle relief that reminds of a quick glimpse of yesterday. What's more, Dana Bezděková creates jewelry for men too. Very popular are the PRINTI rings that are complete with a collection of cufflinks. Thanks to that, every gentleman can match his girlfriend, fiancée or wife. Have a look at Dana Bezděková's official website and/or e-shop and explore all the breathtaking collections she offers. You can also see her designer jewelry at selected Prague galleries - Kubista, Modernista, the Debut gallery, DOX and the Designum gallery.

www.danabezdekova.cz, dana@bezdekova.com, +420 723 440 652 

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