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I Break is an exciting and sweet project by Michaela Tomišková and Yveta Kroupová making up a unique combination of gastronomy, emotion and design. The creators of this beautiful design delicacy simply love chocolate and long to provide their sweet design to chocolate lovers who will not only savor the taste of the elegant handmixed flavor blends, but also will connect positive emotions such as love and passion while enjoying the dark or milky goodness. The delectable chocolate bars are concocted by Lukáš Pohl, the experienced head Chef of the fine dining establishment La Degustation Bohême Bourgeois, with the highest quality Valrhona chocolate bars from France. The Valrhona brand is one of the best chocolate brands in the world and the combination of these heavenly bars with exotic spices and ingredients from all over the world will have you falling in sweet chocolate love. These chocolate treats are like no other; a personal approach is key to the vision of this project and you can even order personalized chocolate bars. It starts by describing how you think your personality would taste as a chocolate bar, be it sweet, spicy, tart-depending on your mood of course! The chocolate designers will then create a special bar just for you to enjoy or distribute to your close circle of friends or family; it’s the small pleasures in life that bring great joy so why not provide a little piece of yourself to your loved ones? Some of the prepared chocolate flavors are Desire (Jivara milk chocolate, Guanja oil and lavender from Provence), Femininity (white chocolate Ivory, pink pepper and dehydrated strawberries), Memories (Manjari dark chocolate, fresh chilies and Thai curry) and Le Mal (Jivara milk chocolate, Tainori dark chocolate, Bergamot, Tahitian vanilla, Tonka beans and a drop of lavender). The design chocolate is available at the Prague establishments of the Chemistry Gallery, Bakeshop,  Modernista and Dox by Qubus.

Modernista: Celetná 12, Prague 1, +420 224 241 300. Dox by Qubus: Poupětova 1, Prague 7, +420 608 658 587. Bakeshop: Kozí 1, Prague 1, +420 222 316 823. Chemistry Gallery: U Lužického Semináře 11, Prague 1, +420 773 588 075,


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