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Prague Castle Christmas Market

From the end of November 2017 till the beginning of January 2018, the Prague Castle livens up with a lovely holiday atmosphere. The historical complex of the Prague Castle, covering an unbelievably large area, is officially one of the world's largest castle complex, yet you will find there a Christmas market which is located in the pictorial, cozy St. George's Square. It is the combination of the right location, carefully selected products and friendly sellers that makes this market one of the most pleasant ones in the city of Prague. Whether you will include the market into the tour of the Prague Castle itself, visit the market to get inspired, soak up its infectious Christmas mood, drink some tasty hot wine, or to purchase Christmas gifts for your loved ones, the place together with the market will charm you with its breathtaking scenery. From St. George's Square you can witness the monumental St. Vitus Cathedral, as well as St. George's Basilica with its beautiful Baroque facade and the lesser-known All Saints Church. The market offers more than 30 wooden stalls with both traditional and unconventional products and various kinds of hot food and drinks. If you are one who lives for Christmas festivities and you simply love a good holiday atmosphere, do not hesitate to visit the Prague Castle Christmas Market. You will avoid the endless crowds, which belong inherently to the Old Town Square Christmas Market, and, moreover, you will spend your time in one of the most remarkable places that Prague can offer. 

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